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Can i get MSA cert?


Can i get MSA cert?

Hello, I want to add MSA 2040 for monitoring to zabbix. I'm using this template:

But I have an error ERROR: Cannot verify storage SSL Certificate.

As far as I know, I need to upload the storage certificate to Linux (zabbix server).

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get a certificate from the Storage.

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Re: Can i get MSA cert?

Here's an article on how to renew/install a (custom) CA certificate on your MSA


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Re: Can i get MSA cert?

Is there a way without installing a new certificate or a change? Only download an existing one?

Re: Can i get MSA cert?


Please refer SMU guide and page no 135 onwards,

To view certificate information

1.In the banner, click the system panel and select Show Certificate Info. The Certificate Information panel opens.

2.After you have finished viewing certificate information, click Close

Also you can refer CLI guide and refer Page no 270 onwards,


Hope this helps!

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Re: Can i get MSA cert?


There is no option to download the certificate from MSA.

You can either create a new certificate or install a custom certificate.


You may also refer to the below advisory:



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