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Can't access volumes in a MSA2312fc

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Can't access volumes in a MSA2312fc



I install 2 new blades BL460c G8 in a C7000 enclosure, I create the hosts in the MSA2312fc with it's wwn, create the volumes and then map to the hosts, but I can't see the volumes from the BL460c.    If I map this volumes to older blades, then I can see the volumes perfectly, the older blade servers are BL460c G6.    The HBA card in the new servers are QMH2572 and in the older ones QMH2462.


Is something I missing? What could be the reason for I can't see volumes in the new servers?




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Re: Can't access volumes in a MSA2312fc



is there anything between the MSA and the hosts? Perhaps a SAN switch or virtual connect?


If you have SAN switches and zoning configured you need to zone the new servers with the MSA.