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Can't reach webpage for administration of MSA2012 fc

lars christiansen_1
Occasional Contributor

Can't reach webpage for administration of MSA2012 fc


I've installed a new HP Storage MSA 2012fc with dual fibre ports.

When I usually configure this I go to the webpage on the SAN but now when I try this I only reach a 'Webpage could not be found'.

I can still reach the SAN on the same IP using TELNET.

If I turn off/on the power on the SAN I can yet again reach the webpage for configurering the SAN.

Why ? This happens after 1-2 days that the webpage go down as I can't administrate the SAN anymore.

Is there a command on telnet to restart the webserver in the san ? Or what else ?

I have gone in production now so I can't restart the power on the SAN machine. Atleast not on office hours :-)
Mihai Bertalan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Can't reach webpage for administration of MSA2012 fc

I know that it's a late answer, but maybe it will help someone else:
I had recently the same issue, after discussing with HP, and I understood from them that this is a "normal" behavior and the only way to solve it is to restart the management controller, you can use command:
restart mc both
This command will restart both interfaces and you can do it anytime, you don't need maintenance window for this, because is affecting only the management controller