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Cannot add P2000 SAS LUNs to vmware host

K Dyck
Occasional Contributor

Cannot add P2000 SAS LUNs to vmware host



I have two HP DL380 G6 vmware hosts and a P2000 storage device. The P2000 is connected directly to both hosts with two SAS controllers. In the hosts I've installed Sc08e PCI HBA adapters. One host (running ESXi 4.0) is connected to the storage and can make use of the datastores. The other host (running ESX 4.0) does not see the new storage adapter. During POST the server lists the new adapter so the hardware itself is aware that there's a new HBA adapter, but within Vsphere the host simply doesn't see the adapter.


The P2000 LUNs are mapped to all P2000 ports for both hosts. In the P2000 configuration both hosts are setup exactly the same.


Can anyone suggest why I'm having this trouble?