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Cannot create minor node for <JNI,FCE> <jnic> <0>

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Cannot create minor node for <JNI,FCE> <jnic> <0>


I am using JNI 6412 HBA installed in Solaris 9.
HBA are connected to Brocade 2800 Switches. The ports are appearing online on the switch, but while booting up the system we get the following error message for all the ports of the HBA
WARNING: Cannot create minor node for <2>
Can't find clone devinfo node

I have set the following parameters in jnic.cong file

FailoverDelay = 60;
automap = 1;
JniCreationDelay = 30;
jnic2-FcLoopEnabled = 0;
jnic2-FcFabricEnabled = 1;
jnic3-FcLoopEnabled = 0;
jnic3-FcFabricEnabled = 1;
jnic0-FcLoopEnabled = 0;
jnic0-FcFabricEnabled = 1;
jnic1-FcLoopEnabled = 0;
jnic1-FcFabricEnabled = 1;

I have connected HDS9980V Storage device. Zones are properly configured, could see the WWPN number of the host on the target ports. WWPN numbers of the host are properly assigned to the host group. But unfortunately I cannot see the LUNS on the host.
I have rebooted the server many a times without any luck.

Please let me know where I am going wrong or what else i need to do get it going.

Sushil Rai