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Cannot extend a logical drive on msa1000

Elie Gruszka
Occasional Visitor

Cannot extend a logical drive on msa1000

Hi ,
We have a logicaldrive b (In array B, configured as a raid 5 with spare. 6 * 146G drives)on the msa1000.
It curently has 500G used. We want to extend it to 750G using ACU 7.40. When we try extending it, the msa does nothing, no even any error messages. We cannot even extend it by 50G. We are able to set the size that we want to extend to and then press OK. But in the main screen, we do not get the option to discard or save the config. No errors either.
We do have about 300G unused space in that array. Any ideas about this? Thanks.
gordon cashmore
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cannot extend a logical drive on msa1000

Have you had any responses to this.

I am getting ready to expand my array and want to look at all possible issues and solutions that could befall us.
Gordon Cashmore