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Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

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Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

Hi, I was change the connector FC to iSCSI.

The command "show ports"
Ports - A1
Media - FC(-)
Target ID -207000c0ff298f73
Status - Disconnected
Speed - Auto
Health - Fault
Reason - The installed SFP does not match the configured protocol of this port.
- Validate the SFP is supported, and configure the protocol via the set host-port-mode command.

The command "set iscsi-parameters" was not recognized

How can I correct this situation?

These are equipament information:

System Information
Midplane Serial Number: Info removed
Product ID: MSA 1040 SAN

Serial Number: confidential info erased
Hardware Version: 3.1

Controller A Versions
Storage Controller CPU Type: Gladden 1300MHz
Bundle Version: GL220P009
Base Bundle Version: G22x

Description: SPS-CONTROLLER FC MSA 1040
Part Number: 758366-001

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Re: Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

You know, that iSCSI need different SPF's than FC?

If you have already changed the SPF's try this:

Use the set host-port-mode CLI command to set the host interface protocol for MSA 2040 SAN host ports using qualified SFP options. MSA 2040 SAN models ship with host ports configured for FC. When connecting host ports to iSCSI hosts, you must use the CLI (not the SMU) to specify which ports will use iSCSI. It is best to do this before inserting the iSCSI SFPs into the host ports.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

The command "set host-port-mode" was not recognized

I have a MSA 1040, this command only works with 2040

Re: Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

It's not possible to change Host port mode from FC to iSCSI  in case of MSA1040 (design limitation) and that's why you are unable to do the same.

This is possible in MSA2040


Hope this helps!

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Re: Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

There are any way to reset the default configuration (this storage is not in production)?
If I put this controller in a 2040 and execute the command (set host-port mode iSCSI), then remove and put back to 1040, this is will work?
There is another way?


Re: Change the port connector FC to iSCSi

The personality of the SFP ports, on an MSA 1040, are burned in and hardcoded in build process. There is no way to change a 1040 from FC to iSCSI without buying completely new controllers.

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