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Changing X1600, D2700 and D2600 Daisy Chain Connection

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Changing X1600, D2700 and D2600 Daisy Chain Connection

Hopefully  nice and simple.


Our customer has these 3 units running in their production environment.


  1. 1 unit X1600 G2 using Smart Array P812  -> contains 2 logical drive (logical 1 and 2)
  2. 1 unit D2700  -> contains 1 logical drive (logical 3) | primary disk enclosure
  3. 1 unit D2600  -> contains 1 logical drive (logical 4) | cascaded disk enclosure


All of the three unit are connected using the attached cabling configuration


Dual domain example — best fault tolerance cabling (page 48 of D2600 user manual. link below) 


They want to remove  D2700 along with logical 3.

Logical 3 data has been migrated to logical 4 at D2600.


They want to keep D2600 along with logical 4 since their data has been migrated to that particular logical drive.


I read the D2600 User Manual but I can't seem to find the step by step on how remove primary disk enclosure and reconnect the cascaded disk enclosure so that X1600 can still recognize logical 4 which is in the cascaded Enclosure.


Any suggestion will be appreciated.



Thank you