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Collecting EVAPERF

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Collecting EVAPERF

Hi All,


I have two Storage Boxes(HP-EVA6100 and HP-EVA3000). I want to collect the evaperf for both these storages for 2 days.


Please help me to collect this.

Steven Clementi
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Re: Collecting EVAPERF

Assuming you have evaperf installed on the CV box managing the 2 EVAs...


The location of it should be at:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor




evaperf all -csv -cont <xx> -dur <yy> -ts2 > <outputfile>


-csv makes the file comma delimited


where xx = the interval you want to collect data at.  1 is the default, make sure you set it to something like 30 (seconds) otherwise your output file will be huge.


where yy= the duration in seconds to collect data. Not specifying this option will keep the command running until you end it manually (CTRL-C)


-ts2 makes the file follow Microsoft Time format


There are other options, but these are the once you need/should have.


My suggestion is to collect multiple files where xx= 15 or 30 (lower for more granularity) and yy=3600 (1 hour, so the file is not too big.)


I collect data from 3 EVA's every hour all day long.  The consistent size of the file is around 49MB

Steven Clementi
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Re: Collecting EVAPERF


It's good to create friendly names before

evaperf fnh <username>   (the username for command view)

and after 

evaperf fn

also you should run separately for each EVA adding  -sz <WWWN>

if you write evaperf and the command prompt you get the help file.

there is also a eva performance tool from HP that helps you create batch files for this purpose



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Prakash Singh_1
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Re: Collecting EVAPERF



For detailed steps you can also have a look at the attached documents.




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Re: Collecting EVAPERF

Hi Steven,


I have both EVAPerf and HP Storage Essentials & Report Optimizer 9.5.0.


Since SE supports for longer-period reports, monthly etc.  I am wondering whether SE has ALL performance metrices, as EVAPerf can provide?  So far I have not been able to find, for example, Replication Tunnel, from within SE, while it is reported by EVAPerf


Much appreciated your help.