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Command View 9.2 / RSM 5.1

Marc Sonnenberg
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Command View 9.2 / RSM 5.1

I've noticed that you can now download CV EVA 9.2, along with RSM 5.1 (if you use it). Is anyone using this version, and if so, what your experiences are?

Sheldon Smith

Re: Command View 9.2 / RSM 5.1

I was just trying to put up a test management server and I didn't want to re-image the box. It had HBAs, had never had Command View on it (but plenty of other stuff). To make a long story short: After installing 9.1, kept getting the "insufficient privileges" message when attempting to login. Finally uninstalled 9.1, installed 9.2. Logged in, Command View 9.2 works fine. Don't see any visible difference from 9.1.

Have not looked at the new Management Infrastructure piece (port 2374). Have not looked at RSM 5.1.

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