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Compaq TL891 MiniLibrary

Anwar uddin
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Compaq TL891 MiniLibrary

Hi all.

I am having a kind of problem. We have two Compaq TL891 Mini libraries which are connected to Compaq Fibre Channel Tape Controller II and then to the SAN Switch. The zoning is fine and it works fine with Windows 2000 very fine. We upgraded the Operating system to windows 2003 i dont see those tape drives or medium changers in device manager i even checked for unknown devices but there are none. My question is
Does that mean the libraries wouldn't support windows 2003 or the FCTC is not supporting windows 2003 it working very fine with windows 2000 with out any problem. Just to make sure i fresh installed windows 2000 and then libraries came up and installed the drivers and at the same system i formatted and installed windows 2003 they wouldn't show up any where...

Does any one have any idea about this problem? did any one faced this problem.

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Re: Compaq TL891 MiniLibrary

I think we 've noticed the same behavior with our old TL891 too. It's most likely Win2003 not supporting it. I would check with HP to get a compatible driver if one exists. We had already moved on to a newer HP tape library, but tried to run BAckup exec standalone, and it wouldn't install a driver that would work.