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Compatibility disk Netapp in MSAP2000 G3

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Compatibility disk Netapp in MSAP2000 G3

Hello everybody,
I received Netapp (Hitachi) hard drives and my technical director asked me to check if we could use them in our MSA bay
The disks look good physically but they come out in an unusable state.
A problem with the FDE (disk encryption).

Has anyone already encountered this problem, and is there a solution to use Netapp disks in MSA arrays (or possibly in HP servers)?

Thank you

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Re: Compatibility disk Netapp in MSAP2000 G3

Consider this as not supported, not working.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Compatibility disk Netapp in MSAP2000 G3


FDE drives are not supported with an MSA P2000.  Additionally, if the drives are secured there will be no way to unsecured them unless you have the encrytpion key.

HPE systems (both storage and servers) generally use HPE firmware on their drives. I am not certain about NetApp, but it is likely the same scenario. This vendor specific fimrware will limit the ability to transport drives between different companies hardware.


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