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Configure Raid 1 with 6 HDDs

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Configure Raid 1 with 6 HDDs

Hi ,

 I can't able to configure Virtual disk group using  Raid 1 with 6 HDDs in HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage. There is only one option to select two HDDs. Please help.


Re: Configure Raid 1 with 6 HDDs


It's normal it's by design, maximum disk for raid 1 is two

Look at page 88 and page 159 from the "MSA 1040/2040 SMU Reference Guide", you will find all the information you need about the raid





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Re: Configure Raid 1 with 6 HDDs

Yep, that's interesting...the Maximum and Minimum number of disks for a RAID 1 (mirror) is generally always 2...but, from the filesystem (or volume management, for more evoluted filesystems) level standpoint desiring a n-Disks RAID 1 is not so unusual (or counter-intuitive)...for example, with ZFS (which is more than a simple filesystem), you can create a (or expand an existing) n-Disks RAID 1 (mirror) vdevs - also known as n Way Mirror - where n is generally equals to 2 but not necessarily limited to that common value (n can be more than 2 if you have exactly n disks to be used for that level of redundancy).

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Re: Configure Raid 1 with 6 HDDs

Did you want to have 3 disks in one mirror and 3 in the other?