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Confused about MSA 2050 config

Tim Gowen

Confused about MSA 2050 config

Apologies for this if I am missing something, but: I've got an MSA 2050 connected via SAS to a ProLiant DL380 gen10.

I have looked at the Best Practice Guide and the MSU Guide but I cannot work out how to provision the storage. I have Disc Groups and Volumes, and I have mapped two disc groups to all initiators... But, there are no Hosts or Initiators.

The lights on the SAS interfaces on the back of the MSA are not lit.

Never having worked with storage provisioning in this fashion, I'm a bit stuck - it seems to me that if there's no light on the SAS cables. I would expect A1-SAS and B1-SAS to be lit and active in the console but they're not. Is this a cabling issue, or do they only light up when they're enabled?

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Re: Confused about MSA 2050 config

You can check the below docs which will help you,


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