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Connect LTO2 to DL385 G6 Server

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Lonu Feruz
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Connect LTO2 to DL385 G6 Server

i want to buy several servers about 11 DL385 G6 but i want to buy also just two external tape drive LTO2 in in order to share to all 11 servers. the question is how to specify the server specs so that can come with the provision of connecting with this external tape drive

by Lonu
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Re: Connect LTO2 to DL385 G6 Server

You've got about three ways to do this.

Note 1: You can put two tape drives in one 3U Rackmount Enclosure. Purchase the enclosure that matches the tape drive interface (SAS or pSCSI). Or, you can buy a two-drive library, such as the MSA2024 or MSL4048 with two SAS LTO drives and partition it in to two partitions. This will give you *much* more flexible media management, so that you don't have to manage such a mess of tapes (let's see -- does this tape go with this server or that one? Is it from last week, or the week before?) as you would with standalone drives. Partitioning allows you to present two totally separate libraries, one for each drive.

Method 1: Traditional backup server environment. Select two servers to act as backup servers. Connect one tape drive to each of those two servers (SAS-connect recommended). Each server will back up itself, and four or five of the other servers (each of the other servers will run an agent, provided by the backup application, that will read data from the disk and present it to the backup server, which will write the data to the tape drive or library). The backup servers will need a SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA) that matches the tape drive; compatibility information is in the tape drive or library QuickSpecs. Since the 9 clients will be sending data over the network, they don't need an HBA.

Method 2: Kludge: Buy two SAS tape drives, put a SAS HBA in each server, buy a copy of the backup application for each server, move the cable from one backup server to the next as you backup one after the other. This is NOT recommended. Your media management will be a nightmare... and while the SAS drives are probably pretty hot-pluggable, there's always Windows, that might get confused and require a reboot.

Method 3: Backup SAN. In this case, you'll get a 2-drive library (like the MSL2024 or MSL4048), purchase the SAN or shared storage option in your backup software, run a manager or controller version of the backup software on one system and clients on the other systems. You will have a Fibre Channel HBA in each of the servers, connecting through a Fibre Channel switch to the tape library. Each server can send its own data directly to tape library without going through a separate backup server -- but the SAN infrastructure and backup software can be expensive... but this tends to be the best-performing, most scalable solution.
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Lonu Feruz
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Re: Connect LTO2 to DL385 G6 Server


thanks a lot