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Connecting Emulex HBA to HSG80 and EVA5000

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Connecting Emulex HBA to HSG80 and EVA5000

Good day.

I have 40 Proliant servers with 1gb and 2gb emulex HBA's running driver version V5-4.82a16 and ACS8.7 platform kit. On top of that is Secure Path 4.0c SP1. These servers all connect to 5x MA8000.

I just purchased a EVA5000 with VCS3.025.

Now my question is. I would like to connect servers both to the EVA and the HSG80. But how do I go about to do this?

1. Is the driver (V5-4.82a16) supported for the EVA5000?
2. Must the EVA platform kit (3.0F) also be installed and will it co-exist with the 8.7 platform kit.
3. Any special instructions? This is my first EVA installation and the support I am getting from HP South Africa is truely shocking.

What is the best practise in the scenario?

Re: Connecting Emulex HBA to HSG80 and EVA5000

I have a similar setup to this running but with an EVA3000 (VCS3.020) and HSG80's.

I am currently running:

windows 2000 sp4
secure path 4.0c-7
Driver 4.82a16
Firmware 3.92a2

Both platform kits have been installed. The only issue i have had with this setup is that Business Copy (v2.3) won't work. I recieve an HbaWwid value empty message. Not sure if this is supported but I don't use it for servers connected to both anyway.