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Connecting LUN

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Connecting LUN

There is HP P2000 G3 and C3000. In C3000 set 8 blades. 

When you create a LUN he joins all the blades do I need for this specific LUN saw blade. How to achieve this?

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Re: Connecting LUN

From SMU (the web frontend) go to

Provisioning > Explicit Mappings

and map the volumes to specific blade servers (WWN).

Hope this helps!

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Re: Connecting LUN



this is the first time for me to be here on this post,  currently i have MSA p2000 SAN storage, connected with 5 blade servers. with respective permissions. 


now i have purchased a new additional enclosure only without controllers,  i have connected both the power cables on new enlcosure and the iscsi cables from SAN controller 1 & 2 to new additiona storage.


can any body help me out, how to create  LUN  with different size and Map it with specific server   & if i need a specific LUN to be shared by specific server 



Thank you