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Connecting MSA30/MSA20 to MSA100/MSA1500

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Connecting MSA30/MSA20 to MSA100/MSA1500

Hi All,

I have fine workinfg disk arrays consisting of

   1) MSA1000 and one MSA30

   2) MSA1500 with 2  MSA20

They work fine with my OpenVMS system


However  I needed some more disk space. So I connected another MSA30 to the second SCSI connecttion on my MSA1000. I was realy disapointed when the new disks did not show up in the MSA1000 controller: I could only see the "old" disks.

Then I tried to connect a MSA20 to the MSA1500. I had to insert an extra SCSI controler into the MSA1500. But also here only the "old" disk are the MSA1500 controller. When I login directly to the MSA20 a "show disks" list all the disks. I'm a little worried by the the displayed enclosure id of the MSA20 (which is 01) and is equal to the one displayed on one of the "old" boxes.


What am I missing, and how can I get my MSA1000 & MSA1500 to the the new MSA20 & MSA30 boxes?