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Connecting a D2600 to a P2000

Brett Merrick
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Connecting a D2600 to a P2000

I have a P2000 SAS SAN, and also a D2600 LFF DAS shelf which I would like to re-purpose as an additional shelf for my P2000. Problem is that all the documentation suggests that only the D2700 SFF DAS is supported when connected to the P2000.


Has anyone tried this combination? Is there any other way I can utilised the 12 LFF 15K DP Ent 600Gb drives from the D2600 via the P2000?


HP seem to suggest that fro LFF drives you need a P2000 LFF shelf, however this utilises a different type of caddy that is not available as a spare part. And I don't really want to have to buy a P2000 shelf with low end drives and swap the caddies - not economic!


Is there a good technical reason the D2700 can and the D2600 can't be connected to the P2000 or is this just marketing driven?


Any thoughts appreciated!

Alex Vidotti
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Re: Connecting a D2600 to a P2000

Dear Brett,


I know you have posted your question a long time ago. But I have the same issue here, and I would really aprecciate if you could give me a feedback.


Did you find a soluction for connecting D2600 to P2000 storage?


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Connecting a D2600 to a P2000

The P2000 quickspec lists only the D2700, but not the D2600.


I'm sure it would work too, but it remains unsupported.


I'm sure you don't want an unsupported configuration for production ...

Hope this helps!

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