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Re: Connectivity problems

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Connectivity problems


I'm trying to connect up an MSL6030 tape library and a DL380 up to an existing SAN but am having real problems.

I've cabled the device and the server into the brocade 2800 switch. I've also set up a zone with the 2 new devices in. Sansurfer has been installed on the server but it can't find any attached devices. The driver for the HBA has been installed and I'm at a loss now as to what else to try.

Do I have to assign the MSL6030 to each server that needs to use it or should it just work? If it needs assigning how do I do this?

The existing servers/tape loader all work OK - its just these new ones. I'm also unable to attach the new tape loader to any of the older servers so guess I'm missing something pretty obvious.

Can anyone help?

Alastair Gray
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Re: Connectivity problems

Hi Dave,

Have you followed the following routine to check setup?

1. Can the devices be seen on the switch?
- are the relevant ports online for
both the tape system and the server?
- are the WWNs correct for both?

2. Are you sure that :
- the zoning created contains the correct
ports or WWNs (depending upon type
being used)
- the created zone has been added to
the correct config
- the config with the new zone has been

Sorry if these are obvious questions, but past - personal - experience is usually that it's the simple things that have been missed!


- Alastair G
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Re: Connectivity problems

Fist step is to create a Map in the NSR and the second is to assign a Map to the host WWN

If you do not make these steps, the tapes and robot will not appear to the server.
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Re: Connectivity problems

Hi - thanks for all your help. It was caused by me saving the config but not enabling it!

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Re: Connectivity problems

Hallo Dave , we experienced similar problems and it appeared to be the HBA driver which was automatically installed by Microsoft.
After we installed the known good driver from HP everything worked fine.