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Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san


Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

I must move the boot lun of my w2003 server to another storage array.

I use the DR solution with CA. All is good, my lun is replicated (the replication was realized when the server is stopped).

When the server boot, I configure the new path to boot.

My server begin to boot, I see Windows 2003 logo but, after few seconds, I get blue screen.
When I represent the lun source, the server boot correctly.

Is there a driver problem ? Obviously, no information in the eventviewer...

Can you help me ?


Re: Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

In addition to replicating the LUN, a CA failover must take place to change the CA replication, source / target relationship. For a windows server failover is a 5 step process;
1. stop I/O
2. unpresent vdisk from source array
3. failover CA (reverse direction of replication)
4. present vdisk to server from new source
5. resume I/O (make sure that the new source vdisk is not write protect enabled)

Good luck!

Re: Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

Ok ! The step 5 was not applicated...

I won't change the replicate because my lun source is production lun. I don't want replicate to it...

There are no other solution for my case ?
Urban Petry
Valued Contributor

Re: Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

What model is the source EVA and and what model the destination EVA?

If they are both the same "family" (e.g. both EVA3000/5000 or both EVA 4x00/6x00/8x00) booting should work after you did a DR group failover (as was already mentioned; you do have to do this step because you want to move the disk to another array after all, don't you?).

If they are from different families (e.g. you replicate from an EVA5000 to an EVA6000), you first need to install additional multipath software (the MPIO DSM fitting your EVA model if your firmware major version number is greater or equal to 4) _before_ doing the failover.

Or do you want to "clone" the boot disk of one server to use it for another server? Then you would have to create a snapclone first and then do the same 5 steps as outlined in a previous post (also check the driver issue mentioned above)


Re: Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

My array are identical (EVA5000).

My tests must be validate 2 steps :
1- Duplicate boot san lun to the other array. The node still physically at the same place
2- Move this node to another site.

Obviously, I haven't think to create snapclone for the steps 5 ! I will try it !

Re: Continuous Access and W2003 with boot san

Hi everybody,

I've retry my test... without success.
My server is down, I configure the DR group. I'm waiting that replication is over.

I unpresent the original lun to the server. I present the copy lun to this server. Of course, the DR group was destroyed before.

The server boot and i've got bluescreen. Maybe a driver problem ?