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Re: Create 2 volume msa 2050

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Create 2 volume msa 2050

hi guys
i have msa 2050 i connected 2 port to my server as backup and redundant,when i create volume  and map it to injector in my windows server i see 2 voulme online and one where is the problem?
as you see i create 2 voulme one for sql and another for db.but show 4 voulme.Untitled.jpg


Re: Create 2 volume msa 2050

If you have created two volumes in MSA and presented it to one Server. Then I would suggest you to check in MSA what LUN ID you have used for those two volumes in MSA.

In windows "Disk Management" you need to right click and check properties to figure out what LUN ID you have presented here. This way you can confirm if proper MSA right and expected volume only you are seeing or not.

Also you need to keep in mind that through how many paths MSA Volumes got presented so you can see multiple entries for same volume. In order to fix this you should be configuring multi-path Software.

Check what is the Windows version you are using. Now a days most of the Operating System having native multi-pathing which you just need to enable. After that from Disk management you can see only single entry for any MSA volume.

You can refer the Best Practice Whitepaper and look for "Multipath Software" Page 26 onwards,

After the above followed and you have successfully recognized your MSA volumes but still you find any MSA volume shows as "Offline" then righ click on it and make it online.

If any MSA volume shows "Not Initialized" then right click on it and initialize it. Keep in mind that this can be destructive step if followed bymistake on production or existing volume. So becareful in this.



Hope this helps!

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Re: Create 2 volume msa 2050


On your windows server make sure that MPIO is configured correctly and then rescan the discovered devices.


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Re: Create 2 volume msa 2050

Thank you very much
problem solved  by mpio