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Create LUN on existing array with CLI

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Create LUN on existing array with CLI

Hello, I have a MSA1000 active/active san, with 14 300GB disks, upgraded with latest firmware.

My plan is to create one RAID 5 array with 13 disks, with two LUN's, one with 2 Tb (that is the maximum capacity it allow the san to present), and one with 1,9 Tb, and use the 14th disk as spare.

I've been able to create the 2 Gb LUN, but when I try to create the second LUN, with the command:

ctrl slot=0 create type=ld size=1945600 raid=5

it says:

Error: The specified controller does not have any unassigned physical drives on it.

Should I use the ACU instead of CLI to peform this action?



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