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Creating backup of snaps to cloud

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Creating backup of snaps to cloud

Hi is it possible to move snaps from a MSA 2062 to cloud?
We want to use hpe cloudbanking but sadly we can't use it for a msa.
So the wish is snap to azure.

Karim Bouwmans
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Re: Creating backup of snaps to cloud

Hi Karim,


MSA treats snapshot the same way as a volume.

From SMU guide:

Creating snapshots is a fast and efficient process that merely consists of pointing to the same data to which the source
volume or snapshot points. (A snapshot takes up no space unless it is directly modified, or the source volume or source
snapshot to which the snapshot refers to is modified.)

Snapshot is always dependent on the source volume.

You may map the snapshot to a host server.
The snap shot will appear as a volume in the host server.
The volume could be then be backed up and data moved to cloud.

To answer your question, moving the snapshot and contents to a different location / storage is as good as moving a volume to different location/storage.

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