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DL380 G3 can't see MSA 500

David Pattison
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G3 can't see MSA 500

Hi, we have 2 DL380 G3 servers connected to a MSA 500 storage enclosure. One of the servers finds the MSA 500 during POST, but the other gives an error message during post that it can't communicate with the MSA 500. The hardware and firmware on the DL 380s are identical and upgraded to the latest versions. The MSA 500 has the latest firmware as well.

Any ideas on why one of the servers can't find the MSA 500?
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G3 can't see MSA 500

Hi David,

Is the MSA500 connected to the external connector of the SmartArray 5i controller on the DL380s ?

If so, maybe the drive cage of one of the servers is set to simplex rather than duplex (or vice versa)...

If not, please let us know the exact error message you're getting.