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DL380 G4 and HP P2000G3

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DL380 G4 and HP P2000G3



I am not storage expert. I need advice.

I have server HP DL 380 G3 with HP P2000 iSCSI. I have there(P2000) 5 disks in 2 logical vdisk. 2 disks in RAID1 and 3 disks in RAID5.  On server I installed Microsoft initiator v.2.08. I can connect  to storage and I can add first logical disk to windows 2003 Server. We are using this disk without problems. But when I can create the second logical disk I have problem. It has problem with communication. I cann´t add disk to windows etc.  I´m not sure if I need some drivers from hp. Can somebody help me?