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DL580/G3 P600 MSA50 cache monitor

Greg Blotter
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DL580/G3 P600 MSA50 cache monitor

Server is DL580/G3. Using P600 controller with two MSA50 enclosures. Disk drives are 72GB 10K RPM SFF SAS (20 drives total). P600 has 512MB cache upgrade. Cache is set to 0% Read, 100% Write. RAID 0 with 256KB stripe being used for single logical disk.

Experiencing disappointing I/O performance for log writing. Able to write only 2.2 MB per second with an average of 104 writes per second. The average I/O service time is ~12 ms with peaks of 170 ms.

Array Diagnostic Utility confirms that cache settings are as expected with no indication of hardware faults or other configuration problems.

Question: Is there a cache monitoring utility for P600/MSA50? Hoping for something similar to EVAPerf for EVA disk arrays.
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Re: DL580/G3 P600 MSA50 cache monitor

Never seen any perf tool like that for the MSA group.

Have you tried running your own write tests to the MSA50s?

I had a thread a while back when the MSA5 first came out. We are using 3 MSA50s attached to a DL585 w/4cores, as a warm offsite database copy server. When we first restored the 170GB database across the three MSA50s, it took forever. 3hrs compared to 1hr on 3 MSA30s with U320 15K drives.

From what I can see, the 10K SAS aren't that great. We'll see when the 15K comes out in Q1 '07.

For now, are you using the latest firmware & driver? There have been notes in the latest revisions about performance increases but I haven't noticed any since applying them....