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Decreasing LUN size on HP4500

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Decreasing LUN size on HP4500

Hi all,


We had a LUN configured as 1TB and presented to ESXi4.1 which was configured for the full 1TB in its datastore.


I'd like to increase this to 2TB, so I went into the HP CMC and increased the size to 2TB.  Unfortunately I did now know that ESXi 4.1 can only talk to LUNs under 2TB.  Now I want to decrease the LUN to 1.9TB but when I do I get the message in the CMC to first decrease the iscsi initiator before decreasing the LUN as there could be dataloss.


Since the ESXi datastore has not changed, and is still 1TB, can I go ahead and decrease the LUN to 1.9TB?


Hopefully once I do that ESXi will then report the available space to the datastore as 1.9TB





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Re: Decreasing LUN size on HP4500

Check the following CA on how to shrink Volumes...