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Diagnosing an ADU Error Report

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Diagnosing an ADU Error Report


I would like to know if and where there are tools available to read and diagnose error reports generated by ADU.
I've seen users do it for other users on these forums.

The problem is, we've got a customer (where the error report comes from) and he reported that one of the DL380's there, in Windows Disk Management shows the disk "At Risk."
We've checked the ACU, no pre-failure notifications there.
Nothing in the event logs regarding disk errors.

So we have the Output of the ADU here, but besides some small errors (which are unidentifiable to me) I don't see anything wrong.

Any help would be appreciated
Gregory Nazar
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Re: Diagnosing an ADU Error Report


Windows is reporting one of your disks "At Risk" because one disk in your enclosure is logging multiple Retry Writes (663) Hard Writes (11) and Hardware Errors (22). This is grounds for predicative failure on said disk.

The disk is on Port 2 SCSI 2 of your enclosure, which I assume to be a Dual-Bus MSA30. If this is indeed the case, then that drive would be the 10th drive from the left.

I would reccomend replacing this drive.

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Re: Diagnosing an ADU Error Report

Thanks Gregory,

I'll sort it out right away.