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Disable TLS1.0 on HP-MSA-1040

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Disable TLS1.0 on HP-MSA-1040

We have an HP-MSA-1040 SAN that our software has identified is using TLS1.0. that is insecure I cannot see a way to disable TLS1.0, and haven't been able to find any instructions to do it. Can anyone help please?

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Re: Disable TLS1.0 on HP-MSA-1040

What is the MSA Controller firmware version that is installed now?

Please check the below link and update firmware to latest version,


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Re: Disable TLS1.0 on HP-MSA-1040


Hi Dave,

In MSA 1040 If the SMU is configured to use HTTPS, ensure that Internet Explorer is set to use either TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, or
TLS 1.2.

But the TLS 1.2 version is more secure.There is no option in MSA to disable TLS 1.0.

Rather you can change intermet explorer settings.

Settings>internet options>advanced(disable older versions of TLS and SSL)


You could also chek,

create certificate
Creates or removes a custom security certificate.
The storage system supports use of unique certificates for secure data communications, to authenticate that the
expected storage systems are being managed. Use of authentication certificates applies to the HTTPS protocol, which
is used by the web server in each controller module. The SMU and SMI-S interfaces use the same certificate.
After using this command you must restart each Management Controller to which the change is applied to have the
change take effect.

page 59

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