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Disk firmware update 2312i G2

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Disk firmware update 2312i G2

I want to do disk firmware. There are different disks in array.

I download firmware *.fla and it is easy do firmware upgrade via SMU/browser/ (check disks and point fla and upgrade)

but for others disk  I've downloaded file which is exe.  HPE instrucion to upgrade firmware:

  1. Place the downloaded firmware package in a temporary directory.

  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory containing the download.

  3. Double click the executable file.

  4. Follow onscreen instructions. (adres IP, username passwords)

Question is

1. Does this Flash program knows to which disk make firmware upgrade (there are different in storage and disk firmware should do firmware upgrade only to 3 disks.

2. There are option to extract this exe firmware file /but there are not fla files if I extract/. There is amoung others a *.lod file which I think is firmware file. Can I point him via SMU /browser/ and upgrade? /Here I can option to check to which disk firmware have to be affected..

Or maybe in method 1.

4. Follow onscreen instructions. (adres IP, username passwords) there will be option to check these 3 disks?

Please help.


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Re: Disk firmware update 2312i G2

It will auto Update all Disks witch need this Update, you can not select.

But only these Disks Types that are Part of your Firmware Download.


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.