Disk group SSD

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Disk group SSD

Hi there,

May I ask a question please?

I use the MSA 2052. I have the an issues about the SSD storage.

If I use the SSD make RCHA blockade Is it still okay or not or the data will be loss?

I'm not sure that why we should create disk 2 group and make RCHA blockade?

Is it possible if we create the SSD as another group and assigned disk group SSD as RCHA?

However, I'm new with the MSA 2052. Could you please advice me or guide to me?


I appreciate your support.

Gavin S.


Re: Disk group SSD

Your question not clear.

Can you please elaborate what do you mean by "RCHA blockade" ?

Do you want to use SSD drives as read cahe  ? for that also you need to create read cache disk group


Hope this helps!

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