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DiskGroup Expansion (RAID6)


DiskGroup Expansion (RAID6)

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We have a MSA2040 with a RAID6 disk group, that current has 10 Disks, the maximum in the RAID6 group is 15 disk, what happens after that do I need to create a new DiskGroup or will it simply create a new RAID6 group within the existing diskgroup, thereby expanding the existing diskgroup. 

We are adding a expansion shelf and would like to ideally, expanded the existing disk group.

This is not a virutal volume but a traditional disk group, however, the firmware of the MSA is the latest and greatest


Re: DiskGroup Expansion (RAID6)


If you currently have a linear vdisk (disk-group) you can use expansion to add additional drives in order to make the vdisk larger. However, be mindful that the vdisk size may grow to be larger than some OS versions support. If this happens you cannot remove the additional drives once they have been added using expansion. This would result in you not utilizing the additional capacity.

The other important point to consider is expansion can take a very long time to complete. If you lose a drive during the expansion you can also put your vdisk at risk. There is an old advisory for the P2000 Vdisk expansion. The general information in that advisory still applies to the MSA2040:

There is also some helpful troubleshooting information in the MSA Guided Troubleshooting that covers expansion:

My suggestion would be if you want to increase the capacity of a vdisk (linear disk-group) I would backup the data, delete the old vdisk, create a new vdisk of the correct size, and restore all data. This process while offline would be quicker and safer.

Also, just in case you have not considered this, your current vdisk should be running scrub and have all the disks on current firmware versions if you are going to use the expansion utility.


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