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Disks for MSA P2000

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Disks for MSA P2000

Hi, whats the difference between 627117-B21 and C8S61A when spec'ing disks for MSA P2000 10Gb iSCSI?


C8S61A seems to be dual port and cheaper than 627117-B21

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Re: Disks for MSA P2000

Both parts are functionally equivalent. C8561A is the newer part number.

I haven't gotten full confirmation from HP, but I believe this is the story behind the part number change -

For SFF drives for the MSA and D2700, HP Storage (HPSD) previously was making use of the HP Industry Standard Server (ISS) hard drives. The pro to this was that HP had fewer part numbers for interchangable parts; the con to this was that HP resellers (and HP's own Storage division) recognized these sales under ISS and not HPSD, and this had consequences related to compensation.

Fast forward to the release of Gen8 servers. Gen8 uses a new drive carrier type that isn't compatible with MSA P2000, D2700, nor G7 and earlier servers.

So, whether they changed the part number to allow HPSD to recognize revenue instead of ISS, or whether they changed it simply because ISS discontinued their part numbers (due to the fact that Gen8 no longer uses them) could be debated and I doubt we'd ever get a clear answer.

In any case, spec-wise, the drives are both dual port, 300GB, 15K, 6G SAS drives.

Here's a further tip - 627117-B21 had a SmartBuy equivalent, 627117-S21. If you're in a country where SmartBuys were available, you might want to see if 627117-S21 is still available and might be even cheaper than either of the two drive part numbers you mentioned. (Note that you'd have to buy the SmartBuy drives a la carte as separate items, as HP's configurators haven't allowed adding SmartBuy drives into factory configured systems in the past. If you want HP to pre-install the drives when shipping, then SmartBuy is not typically an option.)

I hope this helps!
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Re: Disks for MSA P2000

Thanks, just what I wanted to hear