MSA Storage

DtS has finished no quite correctly.


DtS has finished no quite correctly.

The basic Information:
1)ML350G3, Windows 2000 Adv. server(sp3),
SA 5302/32 (last driver version),
FC2214 (last driver version ),
Raid 0 (Array A) is system logical drive (1 HDD).
Raid 5 (Array B) is data logical drive(3 HDD)
2) MSA1000 has a basic configuration (one MSA controller, one I/O FC controller is connected to external FC Switch)

All disk arrays were located on one channel of SA controller.

I migrated ONLY data disk array(Array B) to MSA from the server!

Yes, I read a white paper about DtS. And i know that i must migrate all drive which were connected to SA controller. But I need to migrate only data!
On the whole, the migration resulted successfully. Data were not lost and I can see the logical drive with data in windows explorer.

But now ACU shows a failed Array B in SA 5302 controller (an unrecognized drives ???) and failed Array A in MSA1000 controller - the same errors! CLI is blocked (by ACU).

May i delete a faulty Array B in SA controller and a faulty Array A in MSA controller? I am afraid to lost data.

As i understand for Proliant servers with hot-plug drive cages this situation can never finish properly good (as long as these servers have only one SCSI connector in the hot-plug drive cage and I can not separate system and data drives)?

Thank You.