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E-port (incompatible)

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E-port (incompatible)

Hello I'm new to Brocade and FC.
I'm trying to set up simple configuration between 2 brocade.
They have both port #1 connected to external 1GFC test sets (port is F configured, link up) and port #2 interconnected.
Rate is set to 1GFC for these too (I've also tried with rate 2G but the problem is similar).

The E ports are seen as Online, but they report INCOMPATIBLE.

No clues on what's going on.
The only difference reported by switchShow is that one is in Native switch mode, the other in Interop switch mode.

I don't know how to change this parameter.
Can you please help out?

running islShow, I have these 2 output:

switch #1
1: 1-> -1 6e:6b:6e:75:00:6e:77:6f sp:1G bw:1G

switch #2
1: 1-> 1 10:00:00:60:69:51:8e:16 sp:1G bw:1G

the former reporting "-1" apparently wrong, while the latter correctly reporting the address of the switch it is connected to.

can anybody help me out?
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Re: E-port (incompatible)


on the switch which is displaying the interopmode problem do the following, do on both switches if you wish.

If firmware is fos is 5.3 or above

open a telnet session and logon as Admin


interopmode 0

you will be asked to confirm y or n


The switch should reboot if not type in the reboot command.

hope that helps

Kind regards

Partitioning Segmenting
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Re: E-port (incompatible)

Thankyou Peter.
Everything has been ironed out!

I have another issue to cope with.
I need to partition the Brocade 4100 in subsets of independent ports so that one F port feeds traffic on an E, while another F port feeds traffic on another E port, with both ports connected to the same far end switch.

I need to keep traffic separated on the two E ports.

I'm trying to figure out how to do that.

Is static route a valid solution?
should I set aptPolicy = 1 (Port based routing) and set dlsReset to disable Dynamic Load Sharing?

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: E-port (incompatible)

Hi Mat
Sorry for the delay, just logged on to day for something else and noticed your request, a little late but.

with the idea of seperating your e_port traffic, can you upgrade your fos 6.0.0, the latest is 6.1.0c with that you can great traffic isolation zones.

Traffic Isolation is supported only on Brocade 200E, 300, 4100, 4900, 5000, 5100, 5300,7500, 7600 switches, the Brocade 48000 and Brocade DCX platforms, all configured in
Brocade Native Mode (interopmode 0).
Ports in a TI zone must belong to switches that run Fabric OS v6.0.0 or later. For TI over FCR zones, ports must belong to switches that run Fabric OS v6.1.0 or later.

To create a TI zone with failover enabled and activate it (default settings):
switch:admin> zone --create -t ti bluezone -p "1,1; 2,4; 1,8; 2,6"

To create a TI zone with failover disabled and activate the zone:
switch:admin> zone --create -t ti -o an bluezone -p "1,1; 2,4; 1,8; 2,6"