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E1200 Storage Router

Benny Bennyson
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E1200 Storage Router

Hi there,

Just after some advice, I've been handed over a very incomplete SAN project, and trying my best to unravel what has been half completed by my predecessor on a tight deadline.

Configuration: 13 Proliant DL360's (11 of which boot from SAN), MSA 1000 with one shelf, 2 x HP StorageWorks SAN switch 2/16V, MSL6030 Tape drive with a e1200 fibre storage router. Currently no zoning is configured, all WIN2003 boxes

I am currently configuring the e1200 storage router, from the e1200 config page; I have selected a host pointing at the HBA which I intend to use as a backup server. I then added a map, ran the function fill map (4 FC Luns returned - MSL6000, 2 x Ultrium 3 and the HP NS E1200-160 router). From the edit host function, I assigned the HBA to the map and then ran the activate mapping and save, rebooted the storage router. The problem is that the storage router device and 2 x Ultrium drives where detected on all 13 Proliants and asking to install device. I assume I only want the MSL6030 to be detected on the one host.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: E1200 Storage Router

NSR have also a function that autoassign default map

so avoid having all deviced to interfere with your tape , you should create a map with a new name , fill this map, and assign that map to the host that should see the library,
then you go to the default map, you clik on empty map, and you save.
Any new device detected by NSR will have an empty map assigned
next step (or usaly previous one) would be to create a backup zone for that host with the library on the switch

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Benny Bennyson
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Re: E1200 Storage Router

Thanks for the prompt response marino,

Yep that worked - cleared the map for the default map (indexed) and the e1200 and MSL was not detected on the other devices. Now I have a go at setting up that zone