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EFS Clustered Gateway upgrade to 3.7.0


EFS Clustered Gateway upgrade to 3.7.0

I currently am using version version 3.5.1 of the HP EFS software on SUSE Enterprise Server 9. This is installed on two HP DL380G5 servers.

I recently received a DVD containing the 3.7.0 Quick Restore DVD. The included sheet of paper said "All the support documents are located on the enclosed CD". There are no documents on the CD, just an .img file and a few other misc. files.

There is also a link to HP's website for further documentation. That website provides an upgrade guide that only gives instructions on how to install the upgrade from downloaded rpm files.

On that same page is a download of the upgrade software for version 3.1.2 to version 3.5.1, but nothing for the 3.7.0.

Does anyone know where to get instructions on how to upgrade using the Quick Restore DVD? I'm not sure you can do an upgrade without running the restore, which I'd really rather not do to preserve the customization for the existing gateways.

Alternately, does anyone have a link for the upgrade package download?