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EVA 3000 FC Switch Addition

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Bill Rosenbaum
Occasional Visitor

EVA 3000 FC Switch Addition

We currently have an EVA 3000 with one FC switch. We've purchase an additional FC switch and I'd like to install without any downtime. Currently both of the fabric ports on each of the controllers run to the original switch. I believe I should be able to move connections for one of the fabric ports on each controller to the new switch after it is properly configured without any interruption to service. Can anyone confirm? Also the new switch is 4Gbps while the original is 2Gbps. Do I need to configure hosts that have 4Gbps HBAs and will connect to the new 4Gbps switch to run at 2Gbps since the EVA 3000 can only do 2Gbps? Thanks in advance for your help. Bill

Re: EVA 3000 FC Switch Addition

While there are no absolutes, you should most definitely be able to move a connection from both of the controllers to the new fabric's switch. Or perhaps, let me just say the EVA will not be a problem. You did not mention the version of VCS; check the EVA documentation to determine which two connections you would want to move.

I assume you have multiple paths from the host(s) to the EVA? You may want to disable the paths associated with the connections you are unplugging prior to moving the cables. How would depend on your OS and its multipathing software.

Talking about downtime. Currently you only have one FC switch. Do your hosts have multiple HBAs, or will you have to add an HBA to take advantage of the second switch? Depending on your host, that may require a shutdown and reboot.

Finally, I do not recall any problem with having one circuit running at 2G while the other is running at 4G.

Note: While I am an HPE Employee, all of my comments (whether noted or not), are my own and are not any official representation of the company

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Bill Rosenbaum
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA 3000 FC Switch Addition

Thanks for the reply. We are currently at VCS 3.028 and don't currently have any dual attached hosts on the EVA, but will be adding HBAs to some of our more critical hosts after the installation of the additional switch.
antonio difruscia
Regular Advisor

Re: EVA 3000 FC Switch Addition

I think there is a setting called "core PID ID" that needs to be the same, but I do not remember if the 2g needs to match the 4g or
the other way around.. also keep in mind that if you are running HP-UX I believe that your paths to your device LUNs will change so that will need to be fixed, If you are running Tru64, that should handle the change.