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EVA 3000 HSV100 Used - How To?

Occasional Advisor

EVA 3000 HSV100 Used - How To?

We bought two used EVA3000 (HSV100),

used because the possibility was limited and the CEO don't want to use an external service.

The elements arrived without documentation that I find on web (

I don't know how make 1st configuration (I think is missed WWN and VCS license keys).

How I can do?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 3000 HSV100 Used - How To?

Hi, you will need a WWN and a checksum to initiailize the EVA3000.

You'll also need some disk shelves behind the EVA3000, hope you got these too.


EVA5000 is very similar to the EVA3000 - some information is here:


Downloads: (Command View)


Link to EVA3000 ->


(click manuals for documentation, Downloads for VCS 3110)

Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA 3000 HSV100 Used - How To?

I've call local HP customer, phone call Italy Hp site, but no answer about product (not supported?) and WWN.
The reseller of used EVA on ebay says me that I had bought only a HP HSV100 Controller and are missed some parts to build our sistem: is correct?
We have @house also an storagework hP AD542A , hp transceiver and fiber cable: is all here or something missed in our architecture?