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EVA 3000

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EVA 3000

I am running a linux red hat 4.x server with an EVA 3000 virtual 100GB disk presented to the server. How do I perform a virtual disk expansion to 150GB on a linux server? I realize DISKPART works with windows servers. What are the steps to increase the VDISK size?



Re: EVA 3000

To increase the VDISK size? Go to Command View EVA, find the disk, put in a larger size, click on Save Changes, wait.
YOUR question should not be 'how to increase the VDISK size', but rather, 'how to expand the (ext3) file system' (once you HAVE increased the Vdisk size).

Take a look at "How To Resize ext3 Partitions Without Losing Data".

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Re: EVA 3000


Thanks for the help.