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EVA 4100 Drive and Firmware Upgrade

R S Burnell
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EVA 4100 Drive and Firmware Upgrade



We have an EVA 4100 with dual HSV200 controllers (Software version 6110) and 2 x enclosures with 5 x 146Gb FC SCSI drives. We need to add more disk capacity and want to use some of the larger FC Drives (300Gb or 450Gb) but it seems that the Firmware in the Controllers will need to be upgraded first?


 Apparently, we'll also have to upgrade the version of Command View EVA from the current v7.x to v9.x in order to manage the larger drives.


Can anyone give us some idea of the steps involved and which order to carry them out to ensure that we don't compomise the data already on the SAN?


Cheers for now






Jose Luis Resendiz
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Re: EVA 4100 Drive and Firmware Upgrade

I have an 4100 too, with that 6.110 firmware, and my disk are 300Gb all of them...your enclosures support 14 disk each one I suppose, maybe you must move the 146Gb disk to one enclosure and the other box with minimum 4 300Gb disk...

Connect the enclosure 2 with at least 1 disk and add each disk with 3 or 4 minutes of difference.

backup all first and write your current configuration

I hope this helps