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EVA 4400 CV & Replication

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EVA 4400 CV & Replication

Got installed two EVA4400 with Blade system and have some problems with control software installation.

I had no problems with array-based CV until I had to implement replication. So, I had to install CV EVA 9.3 to management server (I used one of blades).

First issue: after successful installation CV EVA doesn't allow user registration because MIF service did not start. After  reinstalling of MIF to another directory CV EVA starts, but discovers no storage systems.

Second issue: replication solution manager v. 5.2 was successfully installed, sees both EVA's but trying to create replication group produces message "no valid remote storage system".

All blades see their presented disks (under Win2003 and VMWare)


need help  

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Re: EVA 4400 CV & Replication

Problem solved.

I installed two Microsoft patches (KB943545 & KB945119) in addition to already installed KB932755.

Solution path was: Analyzing CV EVA trace(!) -> searching in the net (by error message) -> reading Emulex site -> downloading MS patches.

I checked this problem under Windows 2008 - everything works OK without any patches.