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EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size

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EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size

We have an EVA 4400 with 12x1TB FATA disks and 24x450GB FC disks split over 3 enclosures.

I was informed during the implementation that the maximum recommended vdisk size was 500GB. Anything higher than this would start to affect performance.

At the time the maximum vdisk that could be created was 2TB, but with the new firmware I believe that this has dramatically increased, up to 32TB.

Is the maximum recommended size for vdisk performance still 500GB?

Many thanks.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size

I have been using EVA systems since the EVA-5000 was introduced with firmware version 1.0 and have _never_ heard about 'maximum recommended size'.

This entirely depends on the usage:

- e.g. we use 1 GigaByte (smallest posible size) for cluster quorum disk

- in the VMware environment it depends on the number of VMs, because there is one I/O queue to the file system. We do have customers who use 250 GigaByte and many small systems. We do have a customer who uses 600-1,000 GigaBytes for his SAP (database) systems.

There are even customers who use 2047 GigaByte for an online archive.
There is not much I/O, so why create multiple file systems?
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Re: EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size


Thanks for the reply.

So you would see no issue with using a 2TB vdisk for file server storage?
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Re: EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size

Continuous Access did have a restriction of 2TB max LUN size for replication. Not sure if this is still the case.
Sheldon Smith

Re: EVA 4400 Recommended vdisk size

"maximum recommended vdisk size" would be purely a factor of your OS and backup tools and procedures.

With the x400 family and the latest (09522000) firmware, you can make a vdisk of *any* size. NOTE: There is still a 2047 GB cap for volume expansion (a vdisk will not expand to larger than the 2047 GB limit), and snapshots/snapclones/mirrorclones will not work with vdisks larger than 2047 GB.

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