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EVA 4400 storage monitoring and VMware


EVA 4400 storage monitoring and VMware


we do have a EVA4400 partitioned in various LUN which are presented to a VMware VI3.5.

We are often having issues with space on the LUN because of snapshots filling up the space.

Is there any way of proactively monitoring space on the LUNs?

VMware support told me that is something to look from the storage provider as they do not monitor any of it.

Any smart idea to send a warning via email or monitoring via SNMP or HP SIM?


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4400 storage monitoring and VMware

Maybe from the HP management agents if they are installed in the service console (I'm not sure). The EVA cannot tell, because the box is only dealing with blocks of data and does not now what a file system is.

However, I would rather look into the VMware APIs.

I have not tried this script, but it sounds useful to give room for adaption: