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EVA 5000, Windows 2000 Clusters & Veritas Storage foundation 4.2

Sandeep Sanjao Figer
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EVA 5000, Windows 2000 Clusters & Veritas Storage foundation 4.2


We have Windows 2000 advanced servers with SP4 connected to HP EVA 5000 SAN. We have deployed Veritas Storage Foundation 4.2 on the same & are using Veritas Enterprise Administrator & Replicator. Off late we have been facing strange problems with our Exchange & File server clusters. Need some urgent help on the same to see if there are any known issues with Storage foundation on Microsoft clusters. For the information, we had initially installed Veritas volume manager & replicator & upgraded to Storage foundation 4.1 & than 4.2 few months back

Exchange Clusters:

We have two node Active - Active Exchange 2000 based cluster & on node 2 during failover, somehow drive letters get changed. This crashes the exchange functioning as datastore & logs folder names are changed & Exchange does not come online.

We are been told by Veritas that it is a common proble with Exchange 2000 Active / Active cluser with MSCS but its perfect with Veritas clusters.

File cluster:

On one my File server cluster when failover occurs , shared resources do not auto come online. We need to manually bring on the shared resources which is an issue if failover happens after office hours due to some errors. Also there is time delay in doing the process manually. Somehow the failover does not move resources which are been shared.

Please let me know

Any immediate help is appreciated.