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EVA 8000 Expand a LUN presented to Win2003 server


EVA 8000 Expand a LUN presented to Win2003 server

What is best practices and/or alternatives for expanding an actively used SAN drive on a Win2003 Server?

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 8000 Expand a LUN presented to Win2003 server


ususally it's not too difficult under Windows 2003.
First, make sure your backups are up-to-date, just in case.
Then you go to Command View EVA, select the virtual disk you wish to expand, type in the new capacity and click save changes. As long as there is enough available capacity in the disk group, the EVA should then expand your Vdisk on the fly. When that's finished (the yellow "Bang" disappears), go to your host, under Disk Management. You should see new unused capacity at the end of the disk in question (note the disk number). If not, use the Rescan Disks command to update it. Stop your application which uses this disk to be on the safe side. Then open a command line and run DISKPART.
Use the command LIST DISK to see a list of disks. SELECT DISK x, where x is the number of the disk from Disk Management. In the LIST, the disk in question should show some free space. Then SELECT PARTITION 1 (usually you only have 1 partition). Then EXTEND, and voila! Disk Expansion is complete. In Disk Management you should now see that the data disk occupies all the space on the disk. Then restart your application and check that everything still works.


Re: EVA 8000 Expand a LUN presented to Win2003 server

If you have a Windows Cluster, it is more complicated.
See the Microsoft KB304736, "How to extend the partition of a cluster shared disk"

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