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EVA 8100 mirror port warning

Hussain Ebrahim
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EVA 8100 mirror port warning

EVA 8100 mirror port warning

Dear All,

I have a warning in the controller event log state that

An exchange sent to a physical disk drive or another HSV210 controller via the mirror port or a Fibre Channel port has timed out.

Correction code is 47 which state the following
Dropped frames are potential indications of an impending Fibre Channel port or physical disk drive failure when they occur excessively. If frame drop becomes excessive, the indicated Fibre Channel port or the indicated physical disk drive will be placed in the inoperative state. This is a preemptive action warning, no immediate action is necessary

Actually this is a new installation which is done by HP engineers, the installation kept untouched for couple of days to check the event viewer. Everything was fine, after a while we started the continuous access and from that day we got the problems.

Note that we experience some strange problems during the installation and we solved the problems by fixing the speed port on the SAN switches and implementing the zoning on the switch.

The engineer from HP told me to ignore the error and its normal, till now I’m not using the EVA in production and I’m afraid that it will fail after putting it in production.

Anyone have the same problem or have any clue why this error occurred??!!

Don Ritchey
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Re: EVA 8100 mirror port warning

One error of this sort is not a pattern. You need to see if this failure recurs and under what conditions.

Put some load on the EVA by running programs on the connected servers and work the system as hard as you can to ensure that the installation issues have been resolved. Multiple overlapping copies of data from one file system on the EVA to another would do the trick. Repeat these over several periods of time, copying different data to make sure that the servers are not fetching the data out of cache.

After you have heavily tested data transfers over the SAN links, you should either see additional errors that will allow you to call HP support to fix the problem or you should be able to trust the servers as working. Of course, you need to monitor the EVA and server logs for any errors or unusual events to build your trust in the system (or build your case for support to fix an installation problem).