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EVA 8400 and vmware SRM

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EVA 8400 and vmware SRM

Hello I need a clarification regarding a srm configuration.


Currently I have configured a solution srm based on version 4.1 of VMware (vCenter, ESX, srm) using HP blades servers and two HP EVA8400 as storage (one at the primary site and the other to the secondary site) see attachement srm eng.jpg.


Everything works fine.


Now it was necessary to add another customer to my datacenter, and this new customer wants to have its own vCenter, its own SRM and its own cluster Vmware but want to use the same storage.


So I would like to know if the configuration that I report in attcahnment srm2 eng is a supported solution.


In a few words I would use the same storage for both customers at the primary site, not by creating two separate clusters on the same vCenter, but setting up a new Vcenter , a new SRM and a new cluster.




Prakash Singh_1
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Re: EVA 8400 and vmware SRM

It should work.


You can check the configuration in the below link.


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Steven Clementi
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Re: EVA 8400 and vmware SRM

As long as the new ESX cluster has separate storage from the existing cluster, I.E.:


Cluster 1 uses vDisks 1 through 4, with vdisk1 and 3 in DR Group 1 and 2/4 in DR Group 2 (to split the i/o across controllers)

Cluster 2 uses vDisks 5 through 8 with 5/7 in DR Group 3 and 6/8 in DR Group 4...


There should be no problem.


The only gotcha is that you need double the licenses for SRM and vCenter.... and potentially ESX licenses for hosts that might not get utilized efficiently.

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