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EVA Continous Access "Dynamic Disk"

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EVA Continous Access "Dynamic Disk"

                Hi morning, I´m try to make a copy of 5 disk (non boot) with EVA continuous access, for this I do the follow:

1.- Set priority ports

2.- Make 1 DR group

3.- Make replicate for 5 disk

4.- When Full copy finish, shutdown the server

5.- Remove disk from DR group

6.- Unpresent source disk

7.- Present destination disk

8.- startup the server


The new disk appears like offline and is it impossible to get online with this error in eventvwr: dmio: Harddisk6 write error at block 106954750: status 0xc00000a2


EVA Source:                       EVA8100 (FW:6220)

EVA Destination:              EVA8400 (FW:09534000)

HOST:                                    Windows 2003 x64

Disk to replicate:              5 dynamic disk


Note: The server is the same but I dont present the destination disk until unpresent the sorce disk 

Thanks a lot for your comments